Back Pain Treatment in Encinitas

Here are Six Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist First if You Have Lower Back Pain

Has this happened to you or someone you know?  You bend over, maybe twist a little and bang, your experience serious lower back pain.  It’s a common problem.  In fact, 8 out of 10 adults will experience significant lower back pain sometime during their life.  The good news is that in over 95% of the cases, it’s going to get better.  Your response – “That’s nice to know but my back is killing me right now!”  We understand.  Back pain can be severe.  So, if you are looking for back pain treatment in Encinitas, read on – we hope you find this information helpful.

Bad Pain Does NOT Mean You Have a Bad Problem

It’s important to understand that the pain intensity is not directly related to the severity if the injury.  In fact, minor problems in the lower back can cause excruciating pain.  Moreover, for most people that experience lower back pain, there’s no way to tell specifically what is causing it.  Case and point.  About two-thirds of people with NO lower back pain at all will have a positive MRI.  The major risk with having an MRI right away is that chances are very good that you will be labeled with a condition that isn’t causing your pain.

What You Should Do If You Experience Lower Back Pain

  1. Know that in almost all cases, your lower back pain is going to get better.
  2. Put some ice on it initially. Lying on an ice pack can numb the area and relieve pain.
  3. Keep moving. Prolonged bedrest does not help.
  4. See a physical therapist first!

Why You Should See a Physical Therapist First

Our physical therapists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of lower back pain.  Better yet, scientists have researched what happens when patients with acute back pain see a physical therapist within two weeks of when the pain starts:*

  1. You’re 53% less likely to need invasive and risky spinal surgery.
  2. You’re 52% less likely to need steroid injections in your spine.
  3. You’re 46% less likely to need an expensive and often confusing MRI or CT scan.
  4. You’re 35% less likely to need additional visits to specialist doctors.
  5. You’re 11% less likely to use pain medications over an extended period of time.
  6. Accessing a physical therapist within 2 weeks of the start of the pain typically reduces your cost of care by as much as $2700.00.† 

Don’t Wait, Give Us a Call Now – We Have a Location Near You

In summary, most will experience lower back pain sometime in their life.  While the pain can be severe, it’s not usually an indicator of serious injury.  Therefore, it’s important not to receive an inaccurate diagnosis from diagnostic tests.  What’s more useful, and can save you a lot of money, is seeing a physical therapist first.

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*As reported in the Apr., 2012 issue of Spine.

†As reported in the Dec., 2012 issue of Spine.