Encinitas Back Doctor Recommends Posture Exercise

If you are looking for an Encinitas back doctor, there’s one doctor, a doctor of physical therapy, that just could be the best kept secret in health care. Your mother used to always tell you to stand up straight.  Was it good advice?  As an Encinitas Back Doctor of Physical Therapy, I believe so.  The […]

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Hand Specialist In Carlsbad

Do You Need A Hand Specialist In Carlsbad? It’s easy for athletes to injure their hands. After all, it’s the hands that are the most vulnerable, and often receive the most impact while playing sports. When hands are injured, daily activities become extremely hard. Following are some of the most common sports-related hand injuries and treatments […]

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Take A Mental Breather: “Desk Yoga” For Better Focus at Work

Are you sitting at your desk ALL DAY during school/work hours? Are the tasks that you are responsible for constraining you to your desk chair? Do you find yourself with progressing neck and/or back pain when sitting at your work station? The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that sitting for extended periods of time can […]
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ACL Tear? – See a Knee Specialist in Carlsbad

knee specialist in Carlsbad

Need a knee specialist in Carlsbad? Sports injuries are part of the game. Players usually don’t plan to get hurt, but eventually it does happen. One of the seven most common sports injuries is an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear, most commonly known as an ACL tear. If you do suspect you might have a serious […]

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Shoulder Specialist in Carlsbad for Rotator Cuff Rehab

Do You Need a Shoulder Specialist in Carlsbad? Before you have rotator cuff surgery you should seek out a shoulder pain specialist in Carlsbad. There are conservative treatments available that for many, are just as effective as surgery. Let’s review the rotator cuff and problems associated with it: The rotator cuff is made up of a […]

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A Review of Neck Pain Treatment in Carlsbad

Looking For Neck Pain Treatment In Carlsbad? Are you are seeking neck pain treatment in Carlsbad? If so, you should seek the care of a physical therapist that is an expert in the care of neck pain, its causes, and the many ways to treat it. You will find just those experts at Gaspar Doctors of Physical […]

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