Knee/Hip Pre-Op Education

Announcing Our New Pre-Op Knee/Hip Education Program

Informed Pre-Op Education IS Medicine

The classic, “old-school” pre-surgical education is NOT very effective for improving outcomes or patient satisfaction. Many times it not only fails to answer questions that patients are most interested in, but also strengthens misperceptions regarding pain and movement, degrading patients’ post-op experience and outcome.

Due to precautions during the current COVID-19 crisis, we will be moving these monthly classes online. We will also be discussing what post-operative care looks like now during this challenging time. If you would like to participate in one of these live, online classes, please contact Dr. Ivan Vicario directly at for further information. Thank you.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

Recent research indicates that a different approach to pre-operative patient education, called Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE), is much more effective and is considered BEST practice. Even if you have already had surgery, this type of education session has been shown to be a very effective complement to your traditional post-operative Physical Therapy program.

Immediately after PNE patients scheduled for knee replacement experience:

  • Reduced fear of movement
  • Decreased sensitivity to pain
  • Positive shifts in their beliefs about their future knee surgery.

Other benefits of PNE post-op programs:

  • Markedly improved sense of preparedness for surgery
  • Improved patient satisfaction with surgery (and their orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Reduced need for multiple medical follow-up visits
  • Reduced need for physical therapy visits
  • Drastic reduction in cost of post-operative health care costs (45%)

Orthopaedic surgeons are constantly fine-tuning their skills inside and outside of the O.R. to produce the BEST outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Today, the best physical therapists are also striving to improve their skills; augmenting their “hands-on” treatment with Pain Neuroscience Education to produce the best patient experience at the lowest cost to patients, which oftentimes also lowers workload and overhead costs for referring physicians’ offices and IPAs.

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