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"If anyone I know ever needs PT, Randi and the Gaspar team will be the first people I'd recommend. The team is smart, knowledgeable, professional, caring, friendly, supportive. Randi is a compassionate and patient physical therapist and the entire team, from the staff to the office manager (Wyatt, Jacob, and Hanna) is encouraging and a pleasure to work with. Even when busy, they are positive and make you feel welcome. They are the reason I remained committed and motivated to show up. I've seen great improvement in my ankle injury, which had been impacting my quality of life for months. If you need PT services, you're in great hands there. "
Jan 18, 2024
"The team was great: caring and competent. They took care to ensure my son got better and we’re flexible and considerate with the process too. "
Sep 06, 2023
"Love the crew at Gaspar. Randi has a great bedside manner, always lets me know what is next and constantly monitors my pain level and tolerance of the exercises and leg manipulations. I am never anxious about impending surprises because she informs me about what is coming. What a blessing these folks are!"
Aug 08, 2023
"Fantastic work by all PTs. They appropriately push you to ensure the best recovery possible. Great work as well by all the aides who assist with the exercises. "
Aug 03, 2023
"The crew over at Gaspar PT in Torrey Highlands was fantastic. I was dealing with post-surgery PT and they always made sure I was comfortable, knowing when it was appropriate to push me for the sake of regaining my mobility and strength. I worked with Bill and he was attentive and a great listener. He helped me prepare for doctor's appts by giving me good questions to ask, and set me up well for at-home exercise. All of the PT aides were kind and helpful. Thanks to them for their help!"
Aug 02, 2023
"Randi is terrific! She's very knowledgeable about carpal tunnel syndrome for which I was treated. It was fun getting to know her. There's a great sense of staff cooperation who assists Randi with various exercises."
Apr 07, 2023
"I think my physical therapist Randi is terrific - the facility is really nice with really great equipment"
Mar 14, 2023
"I'm post-total knee replacement and have been working with that mean so-and-so Bill A. With all of his torture the likes of which Torquemada not even dreamed of, he's made me get to the point of being able to ascend and descend stairs no longer dependent upon the Up With The Bad, Down With The Good method. Strength is improving as is leg extension (we'll not mention those methods used to effect that). Strength in the operative leg has improved so much that I have no pain when doing his torture exercises or during my ADLs. Bottom line is that I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Bill as my therapist. He may be a mean so-and-so, but he certainly is wonderful. Thank you, Bill!"
Feb 15, 2023
"Spencer is an extremely knowledgeable and professional physical therapist. He came very highly recommended from the orthopedic surgeon after shoulder surgery. He coordinated with the surgeon and communicated his treatment plan to me throughout 5 months of therapy. He explained everything in detail and made sure I was doing my exercises properly. I recommend Spencer and Gaspar Physical Therapy at Torrey Highlands to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Jan 04, 2023
"Spencer was very helpful in getting me in to see the orthopedic surgeon quickly so I could schedule surgery. Would have easily added 3-4 weeks if I 'd gone through the front desk."
Dec 18, 2022
"Spencer at Gaspar PT on Camino del Sur has gone above and beyond in helping me overcome a bad knee/hip injury. He is knowledgeable, patient, diligent and very skilled. Therapy sessions weren’t drudgery because he’s so cheerful and fun to converse with as he works with you. The staff is friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend them! "
Nov 28, 2022
"I worked with Spencer to strengthen my shoulders. My tennis game was lacking prior to PT and now they are much stronger and my tennis has improved. The staff is friendly and everyone was very helpful and attentive. "
Jul 12, 2022
"A great experience! Spencer is very knowledgeable and worked with me to find a very focused and helpful exercise routine. Always on time and always friendly and helpful."
Jun 21, 2022
"Spencer and his team are terrific: experts in their field and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!"
Apr 07, 2022
"Spencer is fantastic "
Mar 23, 2022
"Spent 12 sessions rehabbing my hamstring with tremendous results. Spencer and his team are real professionals. I highly, highly recommend this facility for your rehab needs. Professional, courteous, clean facility. Nothing but a great experience. "
Jan 14, 2022
"I have been treated by many doctors over the years for debilitating hip pain. After receiving a hip replacement I returned for more therapy from the doctors at Gaspar in Torrey Hills. Both Spencer and Chelsea are excellent. They provide hands-on therapy as opposed to those so-called "therapists" who merely put you through a series of strengthening exercises on your own, then send you away (yes, Navy medical, I'm talking about You). After a couple of months of twice-weekly sessions with Spencer, I am pain-free and have regained full range of motion in my hip. Spencer has also provided a plan of stretches and strengthening exercises to do at home to keep my hip flexible and strong. It is my pleasure to recommend Spencer and his team at Gaspar. I will definitely return in the future if/when the need arises. Thank you for giving me my life back, Spencer!"
Jan 21, 2021
"My therapist Chelsea was great to work with. She was both professional, personable and accommodated my busy schedule. Office sparkling clean, well maintained and staff on point. Strongly recommend Gaspar Physical Therapy. Christina PQ Resident "
Jan 12, 2021
"Gaspar PT was awesome! Spencer, Brandon and others provided great, convenient care that addressed my tendinitis. Grateful!"
Sep 17, 2020
"Spencer is fantastic. He took the time to really understand my situation, and did an awesome job to (literally) get me back on my feet. "
Aug 20, 2020
"I needed a physical therapist for an injury and I came to Gaspar DPR at Camino Del Sur. It was a perfect decision for me! Everyone was great! My therapist Chelsea Weedman was the best! She was amazing all the way to my therapy! Alex and Brendan - the aides - were so great too! I am extremely thankful to all of them! "
Jun 30, 2020
"Everyone was very good especially Chelsea who help me so much. Before arriving I could not get out of the car without a lot of back pain and other pain. After her work and motivation I now have very little pain. She is very good"
Jun 14, 2020
"Great service. Spencer diagnosed then issue and put together a very effective treatment plan. Completely pain free after a couple of weeks."
May 14, 2020
"I had a Total Right Knee Replacement on January 14 2020. Started Physical Therapy 5 days later. After researching several offices in our area we chose Gaspar Doctors of Phyical Therapy at the Torrey location due to its very close proximity to where we live. Our decision did not disappoint. Everyone has been very professional, very supportive and reassuring which motivated me to participate and work harder toward my recovery. The environment. My special thank you to Chelsea, Spencer and Jessica. I am hoping for no more surgeries in the future but if I would ever need PT in the future they will always my choice. "
Mar 16, 2020
"I came in looking to strengthen the muscles around my knee due to my osteoarthritis. Spencer and his team diagnosed my knee flexion contracture and got to work straightening my knee while also helping build strength around it. I can't believe how much better I feel now! The quality of care provided by the entire support staff was excellent! "
Feb 21, 2020
"This clinic is very nice and the staff are excellent in their physical therapy field. My back recovered and I move normal and can do anything now. "
Feb 11, 2020
"Spencer did a great job rehabilitating my son's arm. He was very conscientious about safety and not going to fast but quick enough to strengthen it for baseball season. He is personable and my son looked forward to his therapy. Great job Gaspar PT!"
Mar 06, 2019
"I sought treatment at Gaspar PT for a torn meniscus. The staff at Gaspar was very knowledgeable and professional. I was particularly impressed with their punctuality and the desire to get me back to 100% so I could continue my active lifestyle. The facilities were extremely clean and well lit. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their facility to my family and friends. Although I hope that I never see them again, they would be my first choice in the future if I ever needed the services of a physical therapist. Since my therapy has ended, I'm totally satisfied with the results and couldn't be happier. Thanks to Spencer and the other staff members for making my experience so positive."
Feb 28, 2019
"Staff and Chelsea in particular were very professional and friendly. They made it a pleasure to do PT. "
Jul 22, 2018
"After 8 PT sessions on my left shoulder at a major hospital, with no positive results, I agreed to a steroid injection. This also did not help so they scheduled a MRI. When the results came back I had a 2mm through tear in a tendon. The MSK Doctor and Orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. I received a second opinion on the MRI results and decided surgery was not an option. I had a friend who is currently getting his Doctorate in Physical Therapy for help and after researching San Diego, recommended Gaspar and in particular Spencer Schreckengaust. After 12 sessions with Spencer, and Chelsea in his absence, the results are remarkable. I now have 90% range of motion with my shoulder after starting with less than 50%. I also have a stretching and strengthening plan developed by Spencer that I will continue to follow to ensure I do not regress. I highly recommend this office for any PT needs. They are caring, professionals and a pleasure to work with."
Jul 21, 2018
"Having dislocated my shoulder, I was referred by my doctor to go to Gaspar and more specifically , to see Spence Schreckenguast. And as coincidence would have it , my neighbors used Spence as well and told me only great things about him . Fast forward , I did use Spence and the results were amazing. In addition , his entire staff is off the charts professional, knowledgeable and personable . My ultimate goal was to be able to play golf again and my goal was reached 🙂 I can’t thank everyone at Gaspar enough , for everything you did for me. All said , I’m definitely going to refer this team to anyone that might need their services. Warmest regards , Steven "
Feb 15, 2018
"Found them professional, caring, thorough, mindful of time commitments. Answered all questions - gave me tips for managing in the future "
Jan 22, 2018
"Great Team! These guys go above and beyond to make you feel better and part of the family!!!"
Jan 22, 2018
"I highly recommend Chelsea for any physical therapy needs. She helped me through a pain I was having in my shoulder blade area. She taught me several techniques to use in the future in case the pain comes back. She is very pleasant and professional. Should a need arise in the future, I would definitely go back and see her again. "
Jan 21, 2018
"Excellence in any organization starts at the top and Spencer Schreckengaust runs a superior organization at Gaspar PT Torrey Highlands. Instead of physical therapy being a grueling, unenjoyable experience, the entire staff at Torrey Highlands has been very professional and attentive to my needs. The therapies they have used have been effective whether knee, shoulder or back, and I have experienced 100 percent healing in every instance. Spencer is very patient and has taken the time to educate me about the various injuries I have had over this past year. "
Dec 18, 2017
"Extremely friendly, courteous and professional staff; the PT helped alleviate my should pains and got me back to doing activities that I enjoy. Thank you!!!"
Dec 12, 2017
"Spencer Schreckengaust and his team are wonderful! My daughter has Osgood-Schlatter in her knee. She's a soccer player and was playing through the pain and her body began to compensate. Through different exercises and stretches, (one set before and after games/practices and another set on days without) Spencer helped retrain her muscles to work properly and eliminated the pressure and pain she was having in her knee. Aside from rehabbing her knee, he's just a good guy that my daughter really liked. He has a great personality and is just wonderful with kids. My daughter was not a huge fan of doing her at-home exercises, but loved going to PT with Spenser. She was actually sad when he told her she was all done and didn't have to come back. It was a great experience and I highly recommend the team at Gaspar PT Torrey Highlands."
Dec 04, 2017
"I have been seeing Spencer for the past 3 months due to chronic foot pain. He worked very closely with my podiatrist all the way. We had great communication each week as to the plan when I came in for PT and also what I needed to do at home. Spencer is a positive person with great experience. Outstanding staff also. He worked around my busy schedule. Before I started PT after golf on the weekend I had considerable for pain with a limp. This pain also lead to hip pain on that same side. I was treated for both areas and now I play 2 rounds of golf on the weekend with no pain."
Aug 08, 2017
"Class A establishment! Excellent staff, I would highly recommend this office"
Feb 28, 2017
"Over 4 weeks (one visit per week), Spencer helped my daughter to get rid of the pains in her ankles that had bothered her over a year! Great job!"
Feb 28, 2017
"I received excellent personalized care with great results. I was able to play 18 holes of golf six weeks following hip replacement surgery with no discomfort."
Jan 24, 2017
"After a year of self treatment of a very annoying achilles tendonitis I approached GASPAR for help. First assessment meeting within a day and superb office support with regards to co-pay and further scheduling. Scott S was the PT for the entire 9 week process - super competent, driven and eager to fix the problem. He strong took ownership and always provided perspective what to expect next - especially handles impatience extremely well. Scott gradually launched me back into my running activity and I am out of pain ever since. Strongly recommend GASPAR and Scott S specifically. You will be in excellent hands with a group who is on a genuine mission to help you!"
Jan 06, 2017
"Very positive experience. Spencer gave clear guidance and helped my daughter back to full strength in a controlled manner that gave her and us confidence for her to return to play."
Jul 14, 2016