"After my car accident I was very discouraged about my injuries. I greatly appreciate Nikki's manner in which she motivated me to overcome my pain and limitations. My treatment was very appropriate to my lifestyle, especially with two young children. Thank you Nikki and staff for getting me healthier."

Andy M.

"Incredible group of therapists... my knee feels like new!"

Amy Y.

"Carla is very thoughtful and knowledgeable. The continual improvement I noticed week to week was not what I expected when I began treatment. I could not imagine the extreme pain being reduced without the therapist's focus. My treatment was a


Barbara B.

"An outstanding group of people. Thanks to all. I would recommend them to anyone."

Barry L.

"The staff was very friendly and I felt very comfortable."

Molly D.

"As always, it was a pleasure to come to Doctors of Physical Therapy for P.T. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with. I appreciate their knowledge and helpfulness."

Laura H.

"Dr. Pryor and my experience at Doctors of Physical Therapy was excellent. Doctors of Physical Therapy is an excellent facility and a credit to the physical therapy community."

Bruce L.

"I am very satisfied with the care I received. I feel that because of the treatment I received, I was able to return to my normal level of activity much sooner."

Scott C.

"The best Physio Care I've ever received! Awesome staff and great environment! Will recommend to friends. Thanks for the great care."

Steve F.

"Thanks so much to everybody at Doctors of Physical Therapy for helping me get my life back after two hip surgeries."

Michael C.

"Carla did an exceptional job helping me resolve a long-term shoulder problem. Thank you!"

Angie M.

"I was very impressed with everything from my Physical Therapist Dr. Pryor and all of the associates. I feel they have helped my back and leg a great deal."

Janice M.

"Carla did a wonderful job. My neck feels great and my posture is much improved!"

Donna H..

"Carla was great. Everyone at Bressi Ranch was very nice and helpful."

Tiffany M..

"Very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of the staff at Doctors of Physical Therapy."

Cheryl S..

"It was excellent! Expertise, comfort and environment was amazing! Highly recommend."

Matt L..

"I appreciate the professionalism knowledge the therapist and assistance have. Thank you all for helping in my recovery."

Ben E..

"My physical therapy was vigorous and thorough. Staff was professional and always helpful."

Patricia N..

"Great treatment plan developed for me. All folks were polite, professional, knowledgeable and helpful."

Frederick R..

"I am very satisfied with my experience at Doctors of Physical Therapy. The therapy can be difficult, but if you commit to it your condition will improve."

Mike J..

"I highly recommend physical therapy at Doctors of Physical Therapy. I'm so much stronger because of the work I've done here."

Traci S..

"I believe now and I know exercise will work! Nichole's methods were great. Thank you!"

Xrista O..

"Robert knew exactly what to do to relieve my pain and by continuing the exercises at home I will probably avoid a very painful shoulder surgery. Thank you for all you have done for me."

Ed F..

"To the staff of Gaspar, you guys are great!! You always put a smile on my face and it was a pleasure getting tortured by you. Loved every minute of it. Take care."

Chareé L..

"Excellent one on one rehab. Caring, qualified staff. Enjoyed the atmosphere at this site."

Gail P..

"Carla was great! Thank you Doctors of Physical Therapy!"

Cindy D..

"I've learned very much about body mechanics and strengthening exercise, which should help me manage what may be a somewhat chronic condition. It's given me some control over my situation."

Gina N..

"I feel like my therapy has brought me a long way from where I began. Thank you all for your caring. I will keep in touch about my nerve treatment."

Patti M.

"The therapists structured a program that took into account the limitations of my condition yet allowed me to progress rapidly. I would highly recommend Doctors of Physical Therapy to my friends."

Jeffrey L.

"As in the past my experience has been not only beneficial but also pleasant. I looked forward to the staff and Robert."

Don P.

"Excellent, thorough, and beneficial overall experience. Nikki was very professional and did an outstanding job."

Ed D.

"Excellent service and results."

Wayne R.

"I can run again!! The staff is invited to run with us on any Saturday morning."

Al B.

"Nikki was great. Professional and friendly. Very knowledgeable. Thanks!"

Kenneth H.

"Everyone was wonderful! Thank you all for everything!!"

Diane M.

"Nikki and staff at Doctors of Physical Therapy are great! Excellent individual attention and always willing to address any question or concerns."

Ashley G.

"Carla and the Doctors of Physical Therapy team are nothing short of fantastic. They were very professional and lots of fun too! Thank you!"

Jim G.

"Treatments were thorough and complete. The friendly upbeat attitude of the staff made the experience pleasant."

Bruce O.

"I'm so much better, learned a lot, and the experience was made easier by such friendly assistants and physical therapists."

Candy B.

"The staff couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming. I'm very pleased with the results I was able to achieve through Nikki and Koleby's help and support. Y'all are the best, I'm actually goin got miss coming to PT (ha)."

Greg J.

"The staff was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful, which led to my recovery. Due to their wonderful instruction, I've learned a lot and have put into practice exercises and stretches outside of the PT office. Thank you for the wonderful treatment!"

Alan B.

"The staff here has been both helpful and informative, helping me to understand my injuries and repair them so I can get back to living my life without worrying about pain."

Nick G.

"My PT has been a very pleasant experience. Carla and the entire staff are the greatest. Very professional!"

Jamie C.

"Staff was very professional. Carla and Jennifer explained exercises/muscles very well and were conscientious about my exercise program. I feel much better."

Gail E.

"This group was amazing. I've been to others and no comparison."

Linka K.

"I am really happy with the treatment I have received at Doctors of Physical Therapy. All the people who worked with me were very supportive and helpful. I have been given the tools/exercises which should help me become pain-free in the not too distance future."

Sarah S.

"This staff is friendly and encouraging. The therapists working with me pushed me at a comfortable pace without jeopardizing my health. I felt very safe and in good hands."

Millie B.

"I would highly recommend Doctors of Physical Therapy. Everyone is very professional and fun! They make you feel very comfortable and are always encouraging with the PT regimen. The atmosphere is pleasant and upbeat which enhances the healing process."

Suzanne M.

"Excellent and compassionate service. Better than my expectations. I will definitely refer to others. Thank you so much!"

Shelley K.

"I was and am very pleased with the help I received for my shoulder. Thank you for your patience."

Dorthea D.

"The treatment I received was excellent. Great facilities and amazing staff. Thanks to Nikki and Koleby for getting me back on the golf course!"

Russell R.

"Their staff worked me from just getting by to feeling good about my physical condition after heart surgery. They made me sweat!!! These people are excellent!"

Guy H.

"You are the best! My injured shoulder is better and stronger than I ever expected it would be. Thanks for your support and expertise - and a few giggles along the way."

Ellen R.

"I had a goal for recovery in time to state a trip to Greece. Doctors of Physical Therapy did a great job of helping make that goal. This was my second recovery time at Doctors of Physical Therapy. I would recommend Doctors of Physical Therapy to any and all. Nikki and Koleby were the BEST!! Thanks to everyone."

Nancy P.

"Wonderful and knowledgeable treatment. Excellent focus and result oriented."

Solveig T.

"Everyone was so professional and friendly. It was a great experience and a comfortable place to heal. Thank you!!!

Laurel Ferreira

I can't say enough about Gaspar! Everyone at this facility are top-notch professionals, yet still human! No pain-no gain - it's true! Brian and all of the other therapists have been wonderful. I've shed tears through some of my visits, but all were understanding of my condition and continued to push me. I couldn't have made it through if it weren't for all of you! Thank you!

Terry G.

Over the past several years, I have been coming to Gaspar PT for my physical therapy needs. I am very please with all from your staff. They are pleasant, agreeable, efficient and on time! Thank you!

Doris D.

I have been a long-term patient for various physical therapy issues. The entire staff are always friendly, positive and encouraging - especially on those days I just want to give up! Paul is always flexible in trying to fit me in, and I always feel like I'm getting his full attention. I believe he fosters this throughout the organization as each of the therapists provides the same attention. It may be a little painful at times, but I always leave feeling cared for and optimistic!

Linda K.

"I came to Gaspar Physical Therapy after having a bi-lateral knee replacement with many complications. Craig Rice, DPT, was instrumental in getting me back to walking and normally and being pain free. Craig not only is an excellent physical therapist, but is also enthusiastic and encouraging. He cares very much about his patients and gives 100% with every session - he is truly remarkable. The whole staff at Gaspar was friendly and encouraging and went out of their way to help me regain my mobility. I highly recommend Gaspar Physical Therapy!

Elizabeth S.

"The therapy I received from Gaspar was outstanding! I was able to learn new exercises to help re-hab my shoulder and experienced results after just two weeks of therapy!

Matt A.

"Warm, Caring Staff! Very knowledgeable and patient with a great positive spirit and attitude. The environment is very encouraging."

Robert M.

"Jen is a wonderful and caring Physical Therapist. She truly cares about y health and progress regarding my shoulder. I feel truly blessed that she is my P.T. and her aide, Marcy, is wonderful also! It's a real joy (actually) to come to physical therapy."

Lori J.