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"Extremely friendly, courteous and professional staff; the PT helped alleviate my should pains and got me back to doing activities that I enjoy. Thank you!!!"
Dec 12, 2017
"Spencer Schreckengaust and his team are wonderful! My daughter has Osgood-Schlatter in her knee. She's a soccer player and was playing through the pain and her body began to compensate. Through different exercises and stretches, (one set before and after games/practices and another set on days without) Spencer helped retrain her muscles to work properly and eliminated the pressure and pain she was having in her knee. Aside from rehabbing her knee, he's just a good guy that my daughter really liked. He has a great personality and is just wonderful with kids. My daughter was not a huge fan of doing her at-home exercises, but loved going to PT with Spenser. She was actually sad when he told her she was all done and didn't have to come back. It was a great experience and I highly recommend the team at Gaspar PT Torrey Highlands."
Dec 04, 2017
"I have been seeing Spencer for the past 3 months due to chronic foot pain. He worked very closely with my podiatrist all the way. We had great communication each week as to the plan when I came in for PT and also what I needed to do at home. Spencer is a positive person with great experience. Outstanding staff also. He worked around my busy schedule. Before I started PT after golf on the weekend I had considerable for pain with a limp. This pain also lead to hip pain on that same side. I was treated for both areas and now I play 2 rounds of golf on the weekend with no pain."
Aug 08, 2017
"Class A establishment! Excellent staff, I would highly recommend this office"
Feb 28, 2017
"Over 4 weeks (one visit per week), Spencer helped my daughter to get rid of the pains in her ankles that had bothered her over a year! Great job!"
Feb 28, 2017
"I received excellent personalized care with great results. I was able to play 18 holes of golf six weeks following hip replacement surgery with no discomfort."
Jan 24, 2017
"After a year of self treatment of a very annoying achilles tendonitis I approached GASPAR for help. First assessment meeting within a day and superb office support with regards to co-pay and further scheduling. Scott S was the PT for the entire 9 week process - super competent, driven and eager to fix the problem. He strong took ownership and always provided perspective what to expect next - especially handles impatience extremely well. Scott gradually launched me back into my running activity and I am out of pain ever since. Strongly recommend GASPAR and Scott S specifically. You will be in excellent hands with a group who is on a genuine mission to help you!"
Jan 06, 2017
"Very positive experience. Spencer gave clear guidance and helped my daughter back to full strength in a controlled manner that gave her and us confidence for her to return to play."
Jul 14, 2016