Spine Pre-Op Education

Announcing Our New Pre-Op Spine Education Program

Pre-op Spine Care Program San Diego

Don’t Wait to Prepare for Your Spine Surgery!

Surgeons recommend that patients attend a pre-op class before knee/hip surgery, but why not before spine surgery?

The answer might surprise you…..

Classes were not available in San Diego County…..


Recent research indicates that pre-operative patient education before spine surgery, focusing on Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE), is BEST practice and typically results in SUPERIOR OUTCOMES.

Immediately after PNE patients scheduled for spinal surgery typically experience:

  • Reduced fear of movement
  • Decreased sensitivity to pain 
  • Positive shifts in their beliefs about spine surgery.  

Following spinal surgery patients typically experience:

  • Markedly improved sense of preparedness for surgery
  • Improved patient satisfaction with surgery (and their spine surgeon)
  • Reduced need for multiple surgical follow-up visits
  • Reduced need for physical therapy visits
  • Drastic reduction in cost of post-operative health care costs (45%)

Spine surgeons are constantly fine-tuning their skills inside and outside of the operating room to produce the BEST results and patient satisfaction.

Today, the best physical therapists augment their care with state-of-the-art treatments, such as Visual Reality (VR) and Pain Neuroscience Education, >to produce the best patient experience at the lowest cost to patients, which oftentimes also lowers the workload and overhead costs for referring physicians' offices and IPAs.

Call Gaspar-Doctors of Physical Therapy today at (760) 707-5080 to sign up for a free class (starting in July) and/or visit gasparpt.com/paincare to get prepared for your best possible outcome following spine surgery.