Back Pain Treatment in Encinitas

back pain treatment in Encinitas

Here are Six Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist First if You Have Lower Back Pain Has this happened to you or someone you know?  You bend over, maybe twist a little and bang, your experience serious lower back pain.  It’s a common problem.  In fact, 8 out of 10 adults will experience […]

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5 Safety Tips To Avoid Injury At The Gym

Does your New Year’s Resolution consist of going back to the gym to get fit for 2017? Your fitness level depends on getting regular exercise, but how you approach a workout program will determine whether it enhances your physique or actually lead you to possible injury. No one plans on getting injured when they go […]
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How Can Your Pillow Help Reduce Spine Pain?

Basic Use of Pillows to Reduce Spine Pain Sleep is one of the most elemental needs of the human body. Good sleep refreshes and rejuvenates the body and mind, while bad sleep can make for a miserable morning, especially when waking up with neck and back pain. The most common cause of morning neck and […]
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Stick Your Landing: The 101 on Ankle Instability in Gymnastics

One of the most common issues in gymnastics is joint laxity (instability) of the ankle joints leading to chronic ankle sprains. For a variety of reasons, gymnasts develop very hypermobile ankle joints, along with large muscle imbalances, and associated laxity of the surrounding ankle joint structures. This can lead to a variety of repeated injuries […]
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Scoliosis 101: How to Practice Perfect Posture

Scoliosis is a term used to describe any abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine. It is a common deformity of the spine that affects 1 in 40 people, within all age groups. However, screening for the condition begins in grade schools throughout California due to its onset occurring between the ages of 10 and 15 […]
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Wrist Pain in Gymnastics: How to Prevent Injury

In gymnastics, wrist pain is a common injury due to the high repetition and forces placed through the hands during skills. There can be a gradual onset of pain that worsens when weight bearing through the arms, which can often lead to possible ligamentous and bone damage. Main contributors to wrist pain in the sport […]
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