Stay Motivated: 10 Tips to Stick to Your Exercise Routine

Do you just feel too tired to function? Do you feel like sitting on the couch and relaxing rather than getting your body up and moving? How do you find motivation to participate in a workout after a long day of work? A famous quote by Woody Allen puts it all into perspective: “80% of […]
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Osteoarthritis Specialist In Carlsbad

osteoarthritis specialist in carlsbad

You’ll Find An Osteoarthritis Specialist In Carlsbad At Gaspar PT As people age, they commonly develop osteoarthritis in frequently used joints such as the knees, hips and even the spine. If you are local, the good news is there is an osteoarthritis specialist in Carlsbad. Osteoarthritis is a disease that primarily affects the slippery tissue, called […]

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A Top Ankle Specialist in Carlsbad

Looking for an ankle specialist in Carlsbad? Come see us. Ankle sprains and fractures top the list of the most common ankle injuries. Seeing an ankle specialist in Carlsbad, especially one of our doctors of physical therapy, can be a conservative and cost-effective means to manage conditions of the ankle. Most ankle sprains & fractures […]

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Need a back pain doctor in Carlsbad? Call Gaspar PT today!

back pain doctor in Carlsbad

Looking for a back pain doctor in Carlsbad? Don’t wait it could cost you.  When it comes to having back pain, there are a few signs you should watch for so you can know when to seek out a back pain doctor. Some of these signs include the following: Back pain from sitting too long. Back […]

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